Zodiac Signs

Astrology really is a study of the stars. The zodiac is based on 12 constellations, which divide the sky into the 12 sections of the zodiac wheel. Horoscope signs are named after these constellations, many of them relating to Roman and Greek mythology. For instance, Leo is thought to be named for the lion that Hercules battled, and the Gemini Twins are likely based on twins Castor and Pollux, children of Greek god Zeus and mortal Leda.

The star closest to Earth, the Sun, serves as a focal point for Western astrology. As the Earth orbits, the Sun, Moon and planets shift their alignment, appearing to move through the 12 sections of the constellations. The Sun spends about 30 days in each section, or horoscope sign, and wherever it happens to be when you are born dictates your birth sign, or Sun Sign.

The ideas about the characteristics of each zodiac sign were formed in ancient times and are still the basic beliefs of modern natal astrology. It's thought that the Sun's movement through each sign initiates a distinct energy, which people of that sign also exhibit. The energy is described by the horoscope sign's astrological Element and Quality, as well as the characteristics of the zodiac signs' earthly symbols, such as the Aries Ram or the Pisces Fish.

MySign has free daily horoscopes based on Sun Signs. It is said that a person's Sun Sign describes the core of who you are, while your Rising Sign describes your public persona, and your Moon Sign describes your emotional makeup.