My Life Path Report & Birth Chart

Still finding your purpose in life? Sure, the journey is just as important as the destination, but we all want to feel like we are on the right path. Your moment of birth determined many elements of that path, and this personalized report can help you identify both your personal and professional motivations.

International astrologer Adrian Ross Duncan, founder of World of Wisdom, will explain how a particular set of astrological influences that are unique to you have molded your life. The 30+ page report highlights the planetary positions that affect your emotions, identity, values and opportunities. Plus, it will describe the overall trends for the next two to three years.

Buy the report now, and receive via email a sleek PDF copy you can easily download and print. The report will also be saved in your MySign account and accessible any time.


-30+ pages of expert astrological interpretation
-Color-coded birth chart
-Chapters organized by motivations
-Instant download
-Glossary of planets, signs, houses and aspects


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