Welcome to June's Retrograde Fest!

Will your world go topsy-turvy with multiple planets in retrograde?

Samuel F. Reynoldsby Samuel F. ReynoldsJune 09, 2014

When Neptune turns retrograde on June 9, Mercury will have just gone retrograde two days earlier. Then Chiron, a celestial body known as the "wounded healer," follows suit on June 21. (It's also worth mentioning that Pluto has been retrograde since April.) Will all this backward motion turn your world upside down?

The short answer is that, yes, it could—which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Retrogrades tell us that it's time to readjust our relationship with whatever that planet symbolizes. As long as we don't resist these changes, there's a lot to learn.

During Mercury's retrograde, our awareness shifts toward communication, travel and anything else that involves moving between points A and B. This time around, Mercury will move from sensitive Cancer back to inquisitive Gemini. As a result, people may start the retrograde with strong, charged responses, but as it wears on, they might seek to understand these feelings. For instance, a moody text exchange could turn into a better sense of understanding between two people once Mercury reaches Gemini on June 17. (Everything you need to know about the upcoming Mercury retrograde.)

Like Mercury, Neptune also deals with how we connect, but on more psychic levels. One way to think about Neptune's retrograde is to imagine an ocean's tide rolling back to reveal what's been lurking near the shore. For example, when Neptune retrograded last year, the world got more details on the scope of National Security Agency's surveillance. On a personal level, we may have to face uncomfortable truths about ourselves that we haven't been ready to embrace. During this time we should be extra-aware of our own feelings as well as others people's sensitivities. Instead of asking—or worse, demanding—that people shake off their anger or sadness, you'd do better to simply offer a tissue or give that person space to calm down.

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Chiron and its retrograde are probably the least familiar of these celestial bodies. The comet Chiron, discovered in the 1970s, was named after the mythological Greek centaur who could cure others but couldn't heal his own deadly wound. Astrologically, Chiron signifies how we find deeper meaning and fulfillment when confronted with conditions that seem futile. Chiron's retrograde may be the right time to address those things in our life that never seem to work out. It's a period when we can strive to become whole. You may have to look deeply at particular wounds that test your resolve or feel insurmountable. You must face your doubts and pain with no clear assurance that you can heal.

As Mercury, Neptune and Chiron enter their retrogrades, we have to prepare ourselves to embrace our own emotional truths and hurt. The more willingly and openly we do that, the easier these backward journeys will become.

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