The Secrets of Hollywood's Longtime Loves

These rock-solid celebrity couples may have the planets to thank for their ability to endure over the years

Aurora Towerby Aurora TowerFebruary 14, 2014
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The average shelf life of a celebrity romance tends to be fleeting. However, there are a few examples of Hollywood relationships withstanding the test of time. These five power couples have lasted more than 20 years—and the secret to their success may have taken root in their birth charts. Read on to discover how the planets might have given these famous duos a boost.

Kevin Bacon (Cancer) & Kyra Sedgwick (Leo)

Married 25+ Years
When it comes to successful a-list marriages, Kevin and Kyra may be Hollywood's reigning king and queen. Though side-by-side signs have their differences, Leos and Cancers often complement one another. Leos are ardent in their relationships, willing and able to boost their partners with encouragement. And sentimental Cancers have a way of making Leos feel cherished. As a Fixed sign, Kyra might have a stubborn streak, while Kevin, a flexible Mutable sign, may be more accommodating by nature.

Kyra and Kevin also picked an auspicious wedding day. When they said their vows on September 4, 1988, both the Moon and sensual Venus were in Kevin's sign of Cancer, a placement that indicates they both derive satisfaction from their home lives. At the same time, the Moon and Venus in Cancer were in harmony with the Sun in the sign of Virgo, meaning their relationship's goals (Sun) and their feelings (Moon) were in sync.

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Tom Hanks (Cancer) & Rita Wilson (Scorpio)

Married 25+ Years
This classic astrology pairing is the stuff romantic movies are made of. Chances are, nurturing others is high priority for Tom and Rita, who are empathetic Water signs. People tend to get along well with people of the same element, since they see the world in similar ways. Plus, this couple has a Leo Moon in common, which puts Tom and Rita on the same emotional wavelength, sharing strong feelings and a zest for fun. Could this be their secret to keeping their relationship fresh after all these years?

The depth of Rita and Tom's connection may have been further enhanced by their wedding day, April 30, 1988, when the Sun in Taurus was conjunct Jupiter, the planet of good luck. When two planets are conjunct, they typically work in harmony. Then, Jupiter brings adventure, while the placement in Taurus is associated with financial stability. Tom and Rita could have benefited from a grand trine in the Air signs between feminine Venus, masculine Mars and the sensitive Moon. In other words, they are likely partners who are well-balanced and communicate clearly with one another.

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Michael J Fox (Gemini) & Tracy Pollan (Cancer)
Married 25+ Years

These two lovebirds' bond goes deeper than mere Family Ties. Tracy and Michael's charts are brimming with positive aspects. Specifically, Tracy's Moon in Gemini closely conjuncts Michael's Sun in Gemini. This shows that she's probably able to bring out the best in him, while he naturally meets her emotional needs. Michael and Tracy also both have verbal Mercury in Cancer, hinting that they have similar communication styles—a big plus for any relationship.

There's a point on the zodiac where Michael's Sun and Tracy's Moon are located in mid-Gemini. When this pair took their vows on July 16, 1988, Venus was in Gemini, close to that spot, conjunct his Sun and her Moon. By marrying on a date when the planet of love was near that exact degree is extremely promising. In addition, the Moon was in strong, proud Leo, making a favorable trine to both stable Saturn and unpredictable Uranus. This may have armed the couple with the power to weather life's ups and downs as a united front. Likewise, communicative Mercury was in Cancer conjunct Tracy's Sun, possibly helping Tracy feel heard and understood when she's with Michael.

Warren Beatty (Aries) & Annette Bening (Gemini)

Married 22+ Years
Hollywood heavyweights Warren and Annette benefit from a nearly exact sextile, a favorable aspect, between his Sun in Aries and her Sun in Gemini. As a result, these two likely work well together and are not often at odds. Annette's Moon in Libra implies that she is a relationship-oriented person, good at compromising. Warren and Annette both have grand trines in their birth charts, which connects three planets in signs of the same element. This can lay down a strong foundation for two people with different interests. Warren's grand trine in Water signs may be the secret to his hypnotic sex appeal, and Annette's grand trine in Fire signs may have equipped her with a can-do approach to life.

They tied the knot on March 3, 1992 during a new Moon. Both the Sun and Moon were in the intuitive, creative sign of Pisces and another three planets were in defiant, rebellious Aquarius. Together, this arrangement suggests that Warren and Annette feel happiest when left in their own private world, where they dictate the rules, rather than in places where they're at the whim of others' expectations. On the big day, lucky Jupiter was opposing their Sun and Moon in Pisces, and oppositions can represent points of attraction. In this case, lucky Jupiter may have infused their marriage with positive vibes.

David Bowie (Capricorn) & Iman (Leo)

Married 21+ Years
You might expect off-the-charts chemistry from a rock star-supermodel union. But there's more. David's Leo Moon is conjunct Iman's Leo Sun—usually an astrological formula for success. When one partner's Sun is conjunct the other's Moon, it means each partner probably meets the other's needs easily. Iman has three planets in Cancer, which may help strike a balance with David's planets in Capricorn, at the opposite end of the zodiac. Iman's concentration of planets in Cancer also suggests that she prioritizes family life. To boot, Iman's Moon sign is in partnership-oriented Libra, implying she's quick to cooperate with others.

On June 6, 1992, the day wedding bells chimed for this duo, the Sun in Gemini was conjunct Venus, the planet of love, and Mercury, the planet of communication. The effect? Iman and David probably truly value their marriage and time spent together. These three planets were supported by a harmonious trine to stable Saturn, as well, which indicates staying power. Their relationship's lines of communication may have been further smoothed by the Moon in Virgo, which was conjunct lucky Jupiter. This means that they should have no problem sharing their feelings. Then, Mars in independent Aries may have made them feel free to explore their own interests.

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